Energy Saving With VSD Series

VSD Series Give What Exactly You Need

A VSD Compressor operates by varying air compression element speed in response to changes in detected air system pressure in order to maintain an exact and constant targeted pressure level.As air system demand falls,and more air is delivered into the air system than is being used, system pressure will begin to rise-the VSD Compressor will reduce speed, and hence output, to maintain the Target Pressure level.An increase in system demand, above that which is being produced, will cause system pressure to begin fall the VSD Compressor will increase speed, and hence output, to maintain the Target Pressure level.

However standart motors work with 50 Hz or 60 Hz ,in general motors can work with up to 400 Hz by invertor. Vortex Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors use German KEB Frequency Invertors.

Fixed Speed Compressor Cost Graphic
Vortex VSD Cost Graphic
Fluctuating Demand and High Waste Energy Air Demand
Controlled Costs with VSD
Energy Consumption  Air Demand

Operating Procedure of Standart Rotaryscrew Compressors :

Standart Rotary screw compressors working with a full load, no load control operate between two set pressure points. When maximum pressure is reached the compressor goes off load. During periods of medium to low air demand, the no load power consumption can be excessive wasting large amounts of energy.

Controlled Costs with Vortex VSD

There is no unnecessary power generated,Vortex VSD can reduce energy costs by 35% or more. Lifecycle costs of the compressor can be reduced by an average of 25%. In general,the extra cost of a VSD compressor compared to a fixed speed one can be earned back after just one to two years.