Operation Diagram

1 Air-Oil Radiator 13 Air-Filter
2 Air-Oil Separato 14 Oil Inlet
3 Oil Filter 15 Air-end Pulley
4 Combination Block 16 V-Belt
5 Temperature Sensor 17 Electric Motor Pulley
6 Oil Tank 18 Electric Motor
7 Oil Level Inducator 19 Temperature Sensor
8 Air Inlet 20 Pressure Sensor
9 Axial Fan 21 Manometer
10 Air-Oil Outlet 22 Compressed Air Discharge
11 Oil-Injected air-end 23 Hot Air Discharge
12 Air-Suction Valve
Air from the atmosphere is passed through the Air-Filter and the Air-Suction Valve. After that filtered air, mix with oil then compression event takes place at the Air-end. Two rotating screws compress the Air-Oil mixture via rotating at high frequency.

Compressed Air-Oil Mixture enters into the Oil Tank. Oil goes to the bottom side of the Oil Tank. If the temperature of the oil is under 71 �C, the oil goes through the Oil filter and goes into the Air-end again. If it is above 71 �C, oil is sent to the Air-Oil Radiator. Cooled Oil passes through then Oil filter and goes into the Air-end.

Air and tiny oil particles go to the Air-Oil Separator. At the Separator air is seperated from the tiny oil particles. Seperated air goes into the Air-Oil Radiator. So cooled air can go into Air Dryer now.