Vision & Mission

Today many companies are using well designed manufacturing techniques and advanced technology with many manufacturing systems like JIT (just in time), Kaizen, Six Sigma and other tools to increase the efficiency.

Vortex Compressor serves our customers through Engineering Expertise and a rock solid Vision Statement. We put our Vision Statement into practice within each department. Vortex has a continually expanding Customer Service Department and Technical Services Department.

VORTEX compressor everyday working to make new innovations and reduce its prices in the market to make the Rotary Screw Compressors wide range used in the industry. Rotary screw has many advantages in comprarison with reciprocating and other compressor technologies.

Vortex delivers products with Legendary Reliability, supported with a customer first attitude in Customer Service and Technical Support. Please review our full range of product offerings.

VORTEX will use it's 20-plus years of industrial air compressor manufacturing expertise combined with a strong sense of urgency to provide a Value Proposition innovative, competitively priced and delivered on time to it's customers.

Legendary Reliability and superior quality will apply to both products and service. Mutual growth will be achieved by the VORTEX proactive committment to exceed expectations by delivering 100% customer satisfaction.