VSD Serisi 5.5 kW - 315 kW Variable Speed Rotary Screw CompressorsVariable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors
Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors

Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Vortex VSD Series compressors are expectionally efficient variable-speed drive rotary screw compressors needs minimal maintenance. As you can achieve more air output you can also decrease your compressors air output. It is going to be automatically done by the Vortex VSD compressors. In the lunch times, in the morning in the evening, in some high air volume needed cases VSD will always provide you the air you need.


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• Energy Save Up to 25-35 %
• No Compression higher than necessary
• No idle running phases
• Soft Start Eliminates peak start up current
• No air relied when compressor is at max pressure no loss of energy.
• Lower Maintenance costs and longer service life.

• 7-13 bar range discharge pressure
• 24 hrs continues operation
• Spin-On Seperator
• Compact Design Enabling easy service and maintenance
• Cooling discharge compressed air
• Durable and long lasting canopy
• Rustproof, noiseproof, cabinet
• Non-Vibrating operation
• New technology rotors and better discharge output
• Full safety package
(heat, current voltage, pressure valves…)
• Safety precautions and safety precautions are take

• Significant price performance ratio
• Modern Design
• Simple and easy maintainable design
• Automatic control
• Long periods for maintaining
• Full Service support and assistance
• Spin-On seperators enables easier maintenance and better seperation
• Low Maintenance Cost
• Energy Saving Design

Optional Nexus PLC Microcontroller control panel Extra cooling design for high medium temperatures 60 Hz option Exproof Cabinet for Extra Conditions