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ERS 5.5 - 315 kW Винтовые компрессорыВинтовые компрессорыВинтовые компрессоры

ERS 5.5 - 37 kW Винтовые компрессоры

ERS series from 5.5 to 315 kW is one of the best economical solutions for this range of air demands. Wide spread of industrial companies first choice can be always this range of ERS series because of easy maintenance and energy effective design solutions. Medium and high rated demands of air can be supplied with continous operation, stability and reliability with ease at ERS series.


Каталог товаров

• 7-13 bar range discharge pressure
• 24 hrs continues operation
• Spin-On seperator
• Compact design enabling easy service and maintenance
• Cooling discharge compressed air
• Durable and long lasting canopy
• Rustproof, noiseproof, cabinet
• Non-Vibrating operation
• New technology rotors and better discharge output
• Full safety package
(heat, current voltage, pressure valves…)
• Safety precautions and safety precautions are take

• Efficient price/performance ratio
• Modern design
• Simple and easy maintainable design
• Automatic control
• Long periods for maintaining
• Full service support and assistance
• Spin-On seperators enables easier maintenance and better seperation
• Low maintenance cost
• Energy saving design

Optinal Nexus PLC Microcontroller control panel extra cooling design for high medium temperatures 60 hz option exproof cabinet for extra conditions